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December 12, 2021 by No Comments

The housing market in Sarasota and Manatee counties is booming, with prices rising, inventory low and sales happening at record speed. Rental prices also are steadily increasing,

Housing price increases out of control

Outrageous! I’m horrified that some websites are trying to resell tickets to the Venice Performing Arts Center at nearly double the price. The institute’s executive director called it “criminal and unethical.”

Imagine the shock one must experience when trying to buy or rent a house in Sarasota.

One unit in my building recently sold for $120,000 more than an identical one did just four months prior. My sister’s rent downtown is going up almost $2,000 a month, forcing her to move.

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I guess that’s OK; after all, this is Sarasota and we are listed as one of the most desirable places to live.

Perhaps it’s time some of us reevaluate what truly is “criminal and unethical“ in our area. I’m sure readers can compile a long list.

Joel Aronchick, Sarasota

In do-over, county ignores democracy

You know that thing called “democracy,” that thing men and women of this nation have fought and died to defend? Well, forget about it. Today, it’s an inconvenience.

The action of the Sarasota County commissioners on single-member districts underscores the inconvenience (“Sarasota County’s March election will determine the future of single-member districts,” Dec. 7).

In putting single-district voting on the ballot yet again, they’ve taken a page right out of the Trump Republican playbook. Don’t like the results of an election? Arrange a do-over.

Amazing how people who would have you think “nobody defends democracy like we do” and “nobody is more ‘American’ than we are” find democracy so inconvenient when a vote is taken and they don’t like the results.

Bob Clark, Venice

Revote on districts insulting to voters

You saved me the trouble of outlining the reasons for single-member districts to remain. Your editorial Dec. 6 did a beautiful job (“Single-member districts must remain in Sarasota County”).

So, let me add a personal note. It was insulting to have the commissioners accuse voters of being confused. I am 88, but not senile, and knew perfectly well what I was voting for.

Were the voters who put them on the …….



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